Monday, July 25, 2011

My inbox

From a delightful customer. How nice is it that she bothered to tell me her tale?

I am in Dragons Abreast Sydney, a dragonboating club for survivors of breast cancer. In 2010, nine women from my club trained for 10 months and then travelled to Canada to compete in the Yukon River Quest, a 746km marathon, 24 hour a day paddle along the Yukon River through the Canadian wilderness. None of these women had ever done anything like this in their lives, and most of them had never even paddled before having breast cancer and joining Dragons Abreast. Their ages ranged from the youngest at forty nine years to the oldest at sixty six. The conditions last year in the Yukon Quest were the worst since the Quest had first begun with cold, wet weather for the entire sixty eight hours it took them to complete the quest. This meant they had to be prepared clothing wise for the worst and coldest conditions they had ever experienced. They had all bought Mongrel Pure Wool Socks and wore them all throughout the quest. They love their Mongrels, and continue to swear by them.

We are currently doing our winter dragonboat training down on Blackwattle Bay in Sydney. We are on the water at dusk and again at the crack of dawn for training. They wear their Mongrels to every training session. As the winter has become colder and colder, I have developed a severe case of Mongrel Sock envy!!! This is why I am now here on your website, just about to order my first very own pair of Mongrels!!!

I hope you liked this story.

All the best,
Dragons Abreast Australia has Dragonboating clubs for breast cancer survivors all throughout Australia.  To find your local club, please call 1300 889 566 or go to

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Thinking labels

Working on our new label for the Endless loop Scarf. I thought the best way to go was to list all the qualities the new product and prioritise. Trying to whittle down to a key message we need to convey. KIS (or keep it simple) we say. This is what I came up with. I think I just designed our new label! I'm really liking it.
You get the idea.
Still thinking.............

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coming soon.

Having sourced the amazing Tasmanian grown, non-mulesed Pure Merino Wool - knowing there are only so many sock making hours in the day. We have turned our attention to developing a range of scarves. We’ve settled on two sorts the garden variety and a wide joined cowl. We have enlisted the help of a local Disability Enterprise. Prototypes have been knitted, experimenting is underway on the finish, and we’re excited. The scarves are incredibly soft, light weight and warm. We will be breaking our neck to get the first run completed and up for sale, to see what our customers think. Fingers Crossed.
In this age of disposable fashion it is such a good feeling to be producing a quality product that is so very all-round good.

Locally grown top quality Merino wool.
Locally knitted by a supported employment local company.
Certified Non-mulesed fleece
Supply chain tracability
Hand finished at the Mongrel Sock HQ.
Then straight to you.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

10 minutes at the end of the day........

View from the Mongrel Socks corporate nerve centre this evening.

10 minutes later

Why I really had the camera out - but got distracted by the amazing view.
 The prototype of the our new Tasmanian grown, certified non-mulesed Tasmanian made
Pure Merino Wool scarf

I've been wearing this cowl all day, 2-12 degree's C. Perfect! Hopefully we'll have them in stock by the end of July.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mail order socks


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Note to self

At the EOFY "idle" is a word I feel the overwhelming need to connect with. As wise as these words are. Really looking forward to going back to being a simple old (not that old!) sock maker, now that all the admin and tax stuff is taken care of.

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