Monday, April 27, 2009

Winter is here!

Waking up to snow on Mt Wellington is a sure sign that winter is here, and along with winter comes our busiest time. We've had a flurry of orders coming through online, very encouraging in these precarious economic times. Our sock machines have been working over time, and we have been madly trying to get a lot more of our Mongrel Tasmanis Arm/leg warmers made. They're one of my personal favourites, at our house they are always at a premium, first thing on and last thing off though winter. They're soft and warm. We are so glad we have not bowed down to the pressures of reducing our business costs and gone for a cheaper quality wool like most other sock manufacturers- the wool we have always used is the best quality that money can buy. The 20 micron superwash merino we go for, Aussie grown, is processed in Germany to cutting edge environmental and sustainable standards. A far better "bang for our buck" than the cheaper alternatives. Sure, it make's our products more expensive than some others but you can always rely on on the quality. "To get what you pay for" is something we have always done and will continue to strive for, and is a key to our business success. From 2010 all our wool will be free from "mulesing", and we thank PETA for putting pressure on the industry and forcing chance.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

No pictures

Upload FileUpload FileUpload FileIt has been driving me mad trying to get some pictures uploaded on this blog - doesn't matter what I do it is just not happening. ARGH!
I'd love to post pictures of the range of mercerised cotton socks - they are truly something special.
I'm going to have to do some serious investigating other blog options - particularly hard for a I T illiterate like me.
The labels on the new cotton sock are great. Once again Georgie Fenton from has excelled herself. Apart from being a good mate for many years, she is a fantastic graphic designer. So good that we wouldn't be able to afford her. She did so much work for us in our early days designing our pure wool mongrel socks branding, paid in socks and much appreciation. We can't thank her enough for the help she's given our business - hopefully what comes around goes around.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bless our cotton socks.

Well Easter's come and gone - lots of chocolate in the shed, keeping our strength up. Not much time off as we gear up for the busy winter period. All good, better busy than not. Our new Mongrel Tasmanis mercerized cotton socks have come up a treat. The colours are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what our customers think. It's a bit scary really, Murphy's Law warns me that when I love something my customers won't. So we'll wait on tender hooks to see how this month goes with the new line, everything is crossed. x x x

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