Saturday, May 30, 2009

The land of no socks.

Yay! Heading off to the Northern Territory this morning for a few sunny days, make a great escape from the really very crappy weather Hobart has had for the last week or so. Not that crappy weather isn't good sock weather, it is, just the sweatshop has turned in to a freezer, making sock production not much fun lately. A prefect time to get away. The far north of Australia isn't really the land of no socks, because we sell quite a few of our Pure Wool Mongrels there. Not for warmth, but strangely for keeping feet cool in the tropical heat. If you'vre got to wear shoes/boots you have to wear socks and the best ones are pure fibre, which takes sweat off the skin in hot conditions. Any enough of sock talk, socks will be along way from my mind for the next few days.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love my daughter

I haven't been able upload photo's on this blog for ages, it's been driving me mad, after many months I happened to ask her what she thought and we'll give it a go....umm it's not working.
I'll keep trying...tomorrow maybe....I still love her.

hi, it's daughter. it's not my fault the computer is LAME. it worked five minutes ago i can do this. but i have spin. NO DEAL. tomorrow :)

Techno Woes

For a redhead I'm making a very a very good job at being blonde! This has been the week from Hell, for me and my computer. Friday afternoon my computer went from being the best thing since sliced bread to a very expensive lamp - the lights were on but nobody was home. On to the help line, 1/2 hr of trying different fixes, on to the local "authorised' repairer. Listened while the person on the other end of the line moaned about the information given to me by the computer makers - Mac. Then wonder of wonders organised the computer to be picked up Monday am. It was, by a lovely young man, said he would have it fixed by Tuesday afternoon. It was. He'd managed to save the info on my hard drive which was faulty, replace it, good as new. Oh happy day! Opps! He forgot the power cord, so I had to wait until Wednesday afternoon, for that to be delivered before I could give it a go. I switched it on and.....blooooody hell........the computer did the same thing a gain. Straight on the phone, another 1/2 hour of trying all sorts of things. Until we tried checking the cord arrangements, amongst others I disconnected the printer, and voila! Apparently, the printer is faulty and as such the computer would let itself switch on - I can't believe how smart my little imac is. I think I just got a new hard drive for nothing - oh well - lucky it was under warranty. Then just as I was about to hang up, I thanked them for cleaning my screen as I had been having trouble getting it clean, and Dr mac said no problem as I probably didn't have the magnets I needed to clean it - as soon as it was out of my mouth I realised I'd made an idiot of myself but....I said...."Oh, I didn't know magnets got the dirt off things." He said "Um, the magnets take the screen's covering glass off, to clean behind it"
Anyway my macs back, we're back online, and I've got 49 emails to sort. The one upside of the whole thing was I got a lot of socks made in the last few days, not having my computer, as useful as it is, taking up buckets of my work time.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Another day, another sock

After taking delivery of nearly a tonne of gorgeous pure merino wool on friday and today, we been busy experimenting with new colour mixes. Not as easy as it sounds. With a whole lot of new colours to choose from, and many of our long time staples missing, we have definately been scratching our heads. It really is a matter of trial and error, it still amazes me that one slight colour change in amongst 7 other threads can make such a differance to the overall look. Well keep on playing with the mongrel mixes, and see what develops. Then our customers can let us know if they like what they see.

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