Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking for #3- Ummmm

My mind has been flat out thinking of what can be done with old socks. Looking for #3 of "101uses for old, shoddy or lonely socks.". I found #4 to 24ish. Now I just need to find the time to make/do each idea. I've got the whole Mongrel Sock team on the job, but it won't be as easy as I first thought. Some of the great things you can do with old socks are in reality very time consuming, although it does turn out a useful new "re-lived" product. I guess thats why society leans on consumables or disposable product. By recycling our old posessions, whatever they may be, we must choose spend our spare time "in service". In service of the Earth. I think we have to act like a caretaker or visitor of the bit of ground we call home for now ( or even just the bit you happen to be standing in). Try to leave it better than when you arrived. Lets be honest, if you produce something from rubbish, so long as you don't put too high a price on your own time, it's a good thing.  We have to be more responsible with waste - across the board. Ranging from what we do with the kitty litter to the huge amounts of corporate waste generated. Time, time, time. It seems only right ( or natural justice) for Mongrel Socks the business, to take care of Mongrel Socks the trash

I digress. More time. Argh! Any way #3 is one I didn't make myself but was lucky enough to have been given.  Yep, monkey was once a pr of socks.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Corporate flowers or #2 of "101 things to do with old socks."

Obviously far too much time on my hands! I played for a bit. Using some old Mongrel Socks we make to pretty up some boring old jars, and bottles. I was a flower lady in my pre-sock lady life, old habits die hard. I just love some of the colours we make our pure wool Mongrel Socks in. Always looking for ways to recycle them, once they're done their sock dash,  and their mate's long gone, or it's one of the faulty few, who's destined never to be a fully fledged sock.
My mission is to "re-life" this passed over waste.
I aim to get to 101 things to do with old socks.
Sock lovers and fellow recyclers unite!
Any hint's or photo's (dare I ask) would be gratefully received

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mongrel Lover

Our little Mongrel Ardie has been getting some extra special attention from his little mate Emma. At the house of Mongrel Socks all creatures great and small are much appreciated. We love living and working in the bush, always a surprise at who's come to visit. Our only domesticated animal is Ardie. Actually named intitial's R.D. short for "ranga dog". He's great company in the shed, and he just plain loves us. As we do him. Wee Emma is visiting from Darwin - (the land of no socks), she enjoyed Ardie's warm cuddles because she was feeling the cold a bit while she was here. Nothing like soft, fluffy, hot water bottle Ardie to take the chill off. He lapped it up, exhausted after every visit. It's a dogs life!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Socks is my life!

Wow, its been two months since I last blogged. I can't imagine why it's slipped my mind. Well.....actually I can! We hit the ground running this year and have been busy in the sock workshop ever since. The weather has been perfect here in Tassie, all the better for drying the socks. We have been taking advantage of the long, warm summer days (knowing that nothing is surer that the short, cold days of winter will arrive before long) and turning out as many socks as we can. We have also added to the Mongrel Tasmanis Sock team. We welcome Emma in to the fold. She's our new go to girl at Salamanca Market. We are so lucky to have her. While the little blossom studies at UTAS full time ( Zoology), she's giving us her Saturday's. Yay!

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