Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mongrels-the matchmakers!

It warmed my heart to hear this little story from a customer this week, who was stocking up on Mongrel Socks. As I served this women, she told me about being on a sent on a mission, specifically to get our gorgeous pure wool Mongrel Socks for her soon to be sister-in-law who lives interstate. She then went on to tell me that her brother met his future wife while attending a Buddhist Retreat, and that Mongrel socks brought them together. The retreat involved much meditation and silence, and during one of the meditation sessions the "universe" seated these two adjacent to each other. She noticed his far from ordinary socks, and later struck up a conversation, in passing, about them. There began a beautiful thing.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why are Tuff Mongrel Socks so good?

Because they just are.
We scoured the world to find a blended fibre that not only felt good, it lasted. It took a lot of trials to find something good. We have never been fans of synthetics like nylon and acrylic, that it seems most sock makers use to give their products a long life and provide "cheap" bulk in their socks. Never mind the fact that in the end their socks lose their body ( after only a few washes for acrylic blended socks) and make their wearers feet stinky(high nylon content socks), because they don't breathe. We don't think either is good enough for our customers. And although we and our customers love the feel and nature of good quality Pure Wool, for heavy duty work/recreation day in, day out, the wear factor has to taken in to account. Nothing can and will replace the absolute luxury and warmth of our Pure Wool Mongrel Socks, but we have found the next best thing. After a year of real life trials, on hard working tradesmen, we settled on a 60% Superwash Fine Merino Wool blended with 40% Polypropylene. It's Aussie grown wool, blended in Germany. CLIMAYARN*.
Here's what Schoeller say about their product....
Because of the homogeneous fabric composition of both the high-performing Polycolon*(polypropylene) and it's natural product Wool, Climayarn* is very effective in maintaining body temperature. The wools thermoregulating function gives warmth in cold temperature. At the same time, the Polycolon component sees to it that a fast channelling of extra heat moisture away from the body takes place. This results in preventing heat accumulation as well as higher elasticity according to the knit type. Climayarm* dries considerably faster the comparable cotton materials. This functional yarn offers a truly convincing technic.

Key Facts:
  • Climayarm* combines the advantages of natural wool with the strength of Polycolon* high performance fibre
  • Wicks moisture outwards, off the skin
  • Warms in cold weather
  • Prevents heat accumulation
  • Ideal for socks
  • Machine washable

We have found this is all true, not just spin. So if your looking sick of wool work socks that just don't perform-check these out. You won't be dissapointed.

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