Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

The pure wool socks gauntlet/cuffs liner needs tweaking. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day. After doing the 5 washes just to see what it does or would do for a potential customer - BIG FAIL. I'm glad I bothered, as impatient as I am. Not that I am worried, best it fails on me, eh? Now looking for a stretch binding to tidy the edging, that won't shrink. A few more trials ahead but we really want to get this product happening. It would be a great to turn our waste socks in to some thing useful. Not only in the dollar sense, in the ethical sense too. Less landfill, completely recycled, showing corporate responsibility for reducing "end of useful life" waste. I thinking we could even offer this as a service to our customers as a way to further the life of their old socks.

It's been ages since I last blogged. Lots happening. Busy sorting a new supplier and product, I can't talk about it just yet in case it puts the mockers on it like the gauntlet/cuffs. New fabulous natural fibre socks is as much as I can divulge. What I can talk about is( yay!) the Fine Possum/Merino socks are finally replenished. The socks are once again available online.
Here's a few pictures of our wonderful customers out and about wintery Hobart.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gauntlet, Wrist warmer, cuffs prototype.

Amongst all the usual sock making things, I've been working a new use of our waste. I just hate to throw something out. Especially faulty socks since they take as long to knit as perfectly good socks and I know the 20 micron, pure wool is wonderful. I've made cuffs out of old/faulty sock tops for years, but I have been tweeking the design of lined cuffs. "To thumb hole or not to thumb hole?" Not or maybe both.  "Use reclaimed fabric to line the cuffs and live with the variations i.e. unknown synthetic content or buy specific say feel good organic, big dollars" Ummm...?  Have been giving these babies the wear test - big thumbs up. Soft, snuggy and warm. Buggered socks never felt so good. Tomorrow I'm going to play with mismatched combinations, and see what happens. I can feel a hat thing coming to. Again using nothing but sock factory rubbish. The photo is of a couple of my marque 1 recycled sock beanies - thanks Tim and Kels!

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