Monday, November 26, 2007

Tasmanian dollars and sense.

We’re big fans of all things Tasmanian. Not only do we proudly manufacturer ( and wear) our own Pure Wool Mongrel Socks, Tuff Mongrels, Mongrel Tasmanis Arm/Leg Warmers and Head Warmers, we always seek local product when ever we can. If it’s shopping for vegetables or browsing for a gift, we regularly look for a locally made product over an imported line. We do this for many for reasons. The main being we see the higher value of a dollar spent locally rather than spent on imported goods. A local dollar employs, it enables local enterprise to grow, it stays in the area, ready to be passed on again. It’s not only economic benefits that entice us to spend locally, more often than not, the quality of the local product is superior to the imported equivalent. One huge plus not to be over looked when buying locally is the environmental benefits. Obviously with less transportation, there is less carbon impacting, locally and globally. All good! So it’s more than dollars and cents, its dollars and sense. I’d like to introduce a few of the great Tasmanian made products I’ve found, here in this blogg space over the next few months. All can I personally recommend.
Meadowbank Estate Vineyard is located only a few kilometres from our place, in the beautiful Coal River Valley, over looking the Coal River. Not only is the situation idyllic, the wine is superb. Check out their website and you’ll see all they have on offer, or even get out there and have a tasting and a bite to eat, the food is impeccable. Check out the FGR Riesling and Pinot Gris both are stunning, and are personal favourites.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Election 07

Woo hoo! We are finally at the end of the Aussie Election campaign, going to the poll in a couple of days, and what a long campaign it felt like. So in honor of this occasion I’d like to draw attention to a new Tasmanian book I've come across.
Most of our work manufacturing our range of pure wool mongrel socks etc involves very little “face” time with our customers, lots of the sales side of business is internet or phone based. So we relish our time every Saturday at Salamanca Market, where we sell our socks direct to the public. It’s always nice after a week of nothing but work to get amongst it. People, that is. Meeting locals we know, strangers we don’t and all sorts of interesting folk in between. Last weekend we met one such character. A local bloke, who is a freelance cartoonist, and has just released politically inspired collection of cartoons. There he was with a table at the market flogging his own book. We purchased a couple of copies for family Xmas gifts( signed by the author), so got to have a good look at the book, and recommend it to anyone who’s politically aware with a good sense of humour. The authors name is Jon Kudelka and can be found at: or
If you are not adverse to a little bit of fun being poked at our nations leaders, do yourself a favour and have a look.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Smoked Socks

I've found it quite funny that the coordinator of the Mongrel Dog Show, is a lovely lady by the name of Jenny Monger! When I was initially contacted by a Mrs Monger, looking for sponsorship from Mongrel Socks, on behalf of the Mongrel Dog Show, I thought it was a joke. I can't help but be amused by the connection that can be made at times by someones name and occupation. Some times they are very appropriate and sometimes not at all fitting. Here's a few others I found amusing.......and apparently all real.
Thomas Crapper-the inventor of the flushing toilet.
Winston Paine-Dentist.
Scott Speed-Formula 1 Driver.
Daniel Webb-Web site developer.
Dr TS Slaughter-Vet
Dr Smiles-Dentist.
Here at Mongrel Socks we rely on humour to get us happily through the day. Especially when things are going pear shaped in the sock sweat shop, for one reason or another. At times Mongrel Socks really are by name and nature. Luckily, not all the time. Today is actually one of those days where we are fit and ready for work but the universe has thrown a curved ball at us. We air dry all our socks, rather than use expensive and ecologically greedy electric methods. It usually works well, except for the occasional damp, rainy days. Today, we have a bushfire close by, not at all threatening, but there is smoke every where, so.....we can't air dry, otherwise we'd end up with a new product Smoked Socks! Somehow I don't think they'd take off.

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Mongrel Dog Show

We happily sponsor The Mongrel Dog Show held by the Benalla Uniting Church. We couldn't find of a more appropriate event for Mongrel Socks to be involved in. Last night they sent me some photo's of the October ,07 event. Sadly my blogger won't allow me to download them, don't know why, but we will get them posted on our web site in the near future. It feels really good to spread a bit of goodwill around, but the photo's were the icing on the cake. Lot's of smiling faces, clutching their beloved mongrel and our Mongrel Socks.
Here's an article about the event I grabbed out of the Benalla local country newspaper.
A dog day out
By Rebecca Tampion
October 22 2007Country News
John Howard and Nathan Buckley will be among the celebrities at this year's Mongrel Dog Show in Benalla.
Perhaps not in person, but there will certainly be a couple of canines doing their best to look like the Prime Minster and recently retired football star.
In its second year, the Benalla Uniting Church Mongrel Dog Show will take place this Saturday and organisers are hoping for a bigger and better show than last year.
Among the competitors will be Colleen Fleming, who will enter her 10-year-old Jack Russell, Horrie, and 21/2-year-old shih tzu, Molly, in the "dog most like a celebrity" category, dressed as John Howard and Nathan Buckley respectively.
Molly will also go up against the cream of the crop in the "best town dog" competition.
Colleen took part in the inaugural dog show last year, in which she and Horrie won the "dog most like its owner" category, and said she was looking forward to another day out with her beloved pooches.
"We entered just because we thought it would be a fun dogs' day out," Mrs Fleming said.
The mongrel dog show is the brain child of Benalla Uniting Church member Alan Stafford who, after witnessing a similar dog show in NSW, brought the idea back to Benalla.
There are a number of different categories open to competitors including fancy dress, best toy dog, best natural tri-coloured dog, best performing dog and the Country News best farm dog.
Co-organiser Jenny Monger said last year's show brought people of all ages and dogs of all shapes and sizes and was a "real community day" and it is hoped there will be more entrants and dogs this year.
There will be three judges officiating on the day, with a dog handler present to keep an eye on things, as well as health checks and nail clipping for the dogs.
The cost for entry is $2 a dog plus 50 a category.
Mrs Monger said the money raised from the show would go towards the wider work of the Uniting Church including mission and outreach programs with Aboriginal communities, the homeless and overseas.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Here's a little note that came thru with an order today. It put a smile on my face and spring in my step.

Am so glad to find you on the net. Bought some socks from Salamanca Markets 5 years ago, and sent my sister to get more for me when she was down last year. I LOVE YOUR SOCKS.
Katoomba. NSW.

We love our Pure Wool Mongrel Socks too, and not just because we make them.
It's because we wear them!
It's so nice to know we're doing something right.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Art on Legs

Last weekend we attended an amazing show. Fashionfantasia! It’s a cross over of between art and fashion or more aptly a national and international wearable art extravaganza. The stunning array of more than 150 unique outfits, set to fantastic music, lighting and choreographed beautifully. It was a sight to behold. The event, now in it’s sixth year, is a credit to it’s founder's vison, and the hard work, both she and liked minded others, have put in through the years. It’s hard to imagine that what started as an idea with the intention to provide the wider community with an ongoing stimulus to originality and creativity in textile craft/fashion design. We saw original wearable art works made from reclaimed everyday items thru to art/clothing crossovers that would have fitted comfortably turning heads on the catwalks of Milan. We’s like to congratulate all involved on their incredible show, and can’t wait to see next years. Here’s a link to their web site, I believe there will be DVDs for sale of this years show available. Both would be well worth a look at.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love it! Treasure it!

I was checking out our web site stats etc today and noticed a bit of traffic coming from a source I wasn’t expecting. Most of our traffic is via direct address or the most common search engines. Today’s little surprise made me smile. We are a family of readers, reading all genre’s, with a particular liking for Aussie authors. So when I noticed we had traffic coming from a website of a best selling Australian author, one whose books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I had to check out the how/why/where. I was so happy to read her blog and find she loves our pure wool socks and is giving our Possum Socks a go. It’s always’s nice to hear good things about what you do, especially from someone whose work you respect yourself.
She’s a local girl, turns out we live only a few hills apart. Not close by road but not far at all “as the crow flies”. What are the chances of us making one of our favourite authors, some of her favourite socks? It’s a small world. The authors name is Rachael Treasure, , a woman of many talents. Not only does she write great Aussie fiction and has particularly good taste in socks, she’s I also a wife, mum, farmer and busy writing a guide on dog training. Those mongrel socks she wears must sure get a work out. Anyway, if your in the market for a guide on how to get your mongrel to toe the line, keep an eye out for her next literary offering, and in the meantime check out her books, “Jillaroo” “The Roustabout” or “The Stockman”, they’re a good Aussie escape.

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