Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sock Days off, not off sock days!

The House of Mongrel Socks is now in to our long awaited "go slow" Xmas/New Year. Yay! We've stopped our manic production, Frithy has 2 weeks off, and we will just be doing the minimum to keep business ticking over. Amazing to still have online orders coming in ( even on Xmas day) we'll get them out quick smart, but that will be the only thing we'll hurry with until the 10th of Jan, when Frith is back on deck - wielding the whip. Apart from our usual appearance at Salamanca Market. Kind of like the tail wagging the dog, eh? Bless her, the wonderful motivational tool she is. Market day was on Boxing Day this year and we turned up mightily tired but greeted hordes of relaxed and happy customers, made for a lovely day. 2 cruise ships hit Hobart as well, and we met some lovely tourists too. Particularly the US family who kept coming back to our Mongrel Socks stall again and again. They all were delightful, from the youngest to the oldest. I always am thankful for the lovely customers we have, and the people "business" allows us to meet. Here's a few photo's we took on Boxing Day.

A trio of our Space Dyed mercerised cotton Mongrel Tasmanis socks tippy toeing @ Salamanca Market.

Pure Wool Mongrel Socks spotted out and about in Hobart on Boxing Day

These good sports left us wearing our arm/leg warmers. The two cuties will break a few hearts in years to come, they are simply gorgeous and kind enough to let me take their photo.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas one and all!

We've downed tools and sent the last Mongrel Sock parcels out, settling in for a quiet Chrissie Eve. Just finished wrapping the family goodies and listening to a bent Christmas song by the Pogues -  A New York Fairytale. Loving the Tex Perkins and Clare Bowditch version. Check it out here.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Mongrel Socks Christmas

Time Mongrel Socks have been busy little beavers getting all those Xmas orders out. I felt like Santa dragging our jags of parcels in to the post office today, then a lot like a sheep when I saw the queue out the door. Ah well.
It's been a big few weeks for Mongrel Socks and we have the photo's to prove it.
The Oprah roadshow hit Australia last week, with her best friend Gayle King (with two film crews) and the Tasmanian contingent visiting the Mongrel Socks Factory outlet at Hobart's Salamanca Market, much to our surprise and delight. Most exciting was that Gayle arrived already wearing our humble pure wool socks, and then went on to purchase (driving a hard bargin too) some of our Mongrel Tasmanis Arm/Leg Warmers. Yee Ha! Typically, I fumbled around and giggled like a teenager, doing a great impersonation of a scared bunny caught in the headlights.

I probably should have thought about the mannequin leg placement before I took the photo, oops! Sorry Gayle!
Must remember to hold the camera still, although pretty all the same.
The Saddle, Mullumbimby.
I'm sure he was smiling at me?

Gayle King and the lovely Mongrel Socks' Sharon Stegeman - Ms King was so kind to allow us a photo with her,  she is absolutely gorgeous inside and so clearly out!
Miscellaneous images from the a

The weather was wild at the Brunswick Heads river mouth - it would have been a hairy ride for these sailors over the bar.

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