Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good start to the year!

Our customer contact is one of the more stimulating parts of the sock making job, apart from the obvious distraction they bring to an otherwise pretty ordinary work day, sometimes you get the opportunity to meet real good sorts. Had a great chat with one last week and today received his order(via snail mail) which included a nice letter, I've reproduced below, because it makes a good for read.
Hello Helen,
My sock-buying grandkid might have started something here. I much enjoyed our chat today-just as I have enjoyed wearing your mongrel socks.
I've worked out my life expectancy, and reckon it'll be extended if I buy another seven pairs at this stage. These socks are really brilliant in the relief of arthritic pain-you can quote me.
So, all in size XL, can I please have 5prs in the basically black with the white/grey stipling, and 2 pairs in your choice of wild colours, (but please not fluoro). And a choice of darning wools is up to you.
I work that out to $163.00 including postage. Relax!-my cheques are like dead cats-they don't bounce. Darn! I wish I hadn't said that.
Thanks and Cheers
Ken W

It was lovely to get Ken's letter/order, his socks are on their way!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

We're back!!!!

Well, Christmas has come and gone for yet another year. We took a break and spent a lovely Chrissie up in sunny Northern NSW-Mullumbimby, with all the family. Much eating, drinking and making merry, later, we're now back home and in to it. We left Mongrel Socks in the very capable hands of Michelle and Owen who took over, the troopers they are, and saw business was kept running smoothly. Thanks guys! We haven't forgotten you, Kye, who lent a much appreciated hand with some of the grunt work and getting up before dawn for us. Big, big thanks. Just before we left we were manic! All those last minute orders needing to go out, seeing all was ready for our stand in's. We nearly needed the break just to get over getting ready for it. Here we are in 2008, looking forward and looking back. We have have just finished our first online year. Done much learning, made plenty of mistakes, have kicked some goals and still working on others. This year we intend re-working the sock web site, developing some new product lines, and turning out lots and lots of socks.

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