Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's raining socks

Well.....very busy times in the sweatshop. Lots of our pure wool mongrel socks being made and lots going out. All good. Apart from the fact that it is positively freezing in the shed, makes it hard to walk in to in the mornings. Once you've motivated your self in, no problem, but the psycological barrier is hard to get over. Like now.......the shed is calling and I am coming up with every excuse I can to to stay upstairs in the warmth. Sure there's some work to be done up here, blogging is not one of them. I've made all the calls, replied to emails, written up the mail orders, paid some bills and now I'm procrastinating, racking my brain to find some other really important, it can't wait thing to do that will keep me warm and cosy........thinking, thinking......no nothing. It's down to the shed I go. See ya!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

In to it!

Back from sunny Darwin, having had a fantastic trip. We did the lot....swimming at waterfalls and billabongs, chugging a few tasty beers, bqq's with real Territorians, getting eaten by mossies (no fun there) never a dull moment. The NT has a charm all of its own, and while Tassie is home and the only place I'll ever want to live, the territory is a taste of a different type. The people seem some how more real than thier southern city cousins, no time is wasted in that hot energy sapping climate, there's no beating around the bush, no fuss or bother, the people seem real, what you see is what you get. That in it's self is so refreshing.
We arrived home with a bang. From 34 degree's to 7 degree's in one day, wow, we felt the cold. We discovered Tassie in our absense, had been having days of torrential rain, our rainwater tanks overflowed and flooded the sock shed. We didn't lose too much but it has been truely a pain to clean up. Ah well, time to book another holiday I'd say.
With all the cold and crappy weather business has been busy, and we are really thankful we left the very capable Owen and Michelle holding the fort. They did a fine job and we thank them.
They also looked after our little mongrel Ardie, who had his own holiday with them and thier 2 dogs. Lucky aren't we to have such good friends? Anyway best get back in to it, and do some work for a change. My socks are calling my name!

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