Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Treading the Boards!

I spotted this shot on The Sydney Theatre Company website - Yup! Those there are our Pure Wool Mongrel Socks keeping the actors warm. We're feeling almost famous.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling the Love!

We've had a crazy week, bumps and troughs, ups and downs - the lot. Not boring that's for sure. I won't go in to the downs now - no need to re-live it. But the UPS! Yee Ha! We've been really pushing for international sales over the last year - a hard sell in the post GFC market place. There has been progress in this area now - not sown up yet - but looking good.
We have also been blessed with the most fantastic customers (like in the last post), money couldn't buy the exposure and good will we've enjoyed lately. I found out last week an Aussie (international) actress love's our humble Mongrel socks (I won't mention her name 'cos that's not cool). Lucky she's not afraid to mention our name! Then on Saturday we got a "poetic" mention in the local paper, written by a high profile arts/culture identity, completely unsolicited and much appreciated.
Today, we are delighted!
To our surprise, an audience of over 340,000 people listened to Denis Walter interview world renown gay icon, comedien, and very naughty Julian Clary. Incredibly Julian was more interested in talking about our socks ( Denis was wearing a pair of blue/green pure wool mongrel socks at the time) than talking about himself and his current Australian tour (only joking). Unbelievable! We are feeling the love. It's all good. While it's wonderful that these well known folk like what we do, it puts a spring in our step and is very motivating, the same can be said for any feedback we get from our customers. A highlight moment came when I was busy checking our web site stats, looking at where our traffic was coming from etc and noticed some visitors coming in via an unknown (to us) blog. So I tracked it back and again was thrilled to read someones post about our socks - again all good. But when I read one of the comments left, it brought tears to my eyes.  The comment was that their mother loved her Mongrel Socks so much that she was buried in them. It chokes me up even now. mmm. What lucky people we are.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our lovely customers!

I received this email over the weekend - we are so blessed.

Hi guys, i just wanted to let you know how much i love my mongrel socks. I had had to travel to Tassie for work and got off the freeway to find a service station so i could fill the little rental car up. And there were the funkiest looking socks i had ever seen. How could i resist buying them. My sons girlfriend worked in a male dominated industry where it was compulsory to wear steel cap boots etc, how fabulous to add a splash of pink and purple just to stir them up.

and for me???

well i've had them ready in my fire fighting kit (thank goodness they have not been needed for that) but when visiting my sister in Sweden i packed them. Let me tell you -10 degrees C, and my feet were never cold. Sitting outside on the phone with just plastic clogs?? no problem!! Inside or outside? I was just toasty, and my feet didn't sweat or stink. and easy to wash and dry.... too easy. I love them, I am addicted. Thank you sooo much jXXXX. glen waverley, vic

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Friday, April 2, 2010

#4 made!

Yee ha! #4 in 101 uses for old socks is wrist warmers. I haven't had my act together enough to photograph them but will do asap. It wasn't hard to find #4 I've been making and wearing them for many years. Already one of my favorite things, together with the longer pure wool arm/leg warmers we make.

Any day we'll have our new supplies of pure cotton space dyed knee high and crew length socks. We're so happy. We love them, and it seems our customers do to. Both Ladies and Mens sizes knee high or crew with all 6 original multi-colour with the addition of 2 new colour mixes and plain black completed any day (or say 2 weeks) now. Bring it on.

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