Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sock Mail

We just love getting feedback from our customers. I thought I'd share a couple we received via email.........
My feet get really cold & these are the best , most comfortable socks I have ever had . My husband also commented they are great & he is a typical bloke such that any item of clothing rarely gets a mention . We were down in Tassie in January & bought a pair each then & have just started wearing them this winter & I was so happy to find the wrapper this week with your contact no. to get some more . I am very embarrassed to reveal I have been wearing the one pair I have for a few days this week ( without washing- this is definitely not my usual hygiene routine ! ) as I can’t bear to go without them for a day- so I guess this is a fairly urgent order you might say .
Kathy, Sans Souci, NSW.

Got the socks yesterday. They're terrific and so are you. Thanks again. We will not be shy about letting other know our secret of good socks.
Thanks again, Chris, Richmond. VIC.

Why I like me Mongrels
My favorite mongrels are white, well they were two years ago when I got em. Usually you only get one mongrel, but I got two. Usually you go to the pound and get just one, not these you get then in pairs. Anyway they are not white now, they are the colour you would imaging of a mongrel healer that came out of a blue heeler and a white dog, a sort of light grey like it had been rolling in dusty sand. But most of all tuff, appealing like my mongrel socks. Every week I take them out, put them on, slip them on my feet in the early morning, stuff them into me boots and walk and run them round. They love it! My feet that is, the socks have a particular uncomplaining and comforting way of covering my feet that make them a joy to wear.
Peter, Lewisham. TAS.

Thanks guys!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Mosh Pit Parenting

Making great socks is one of the many hats I wear. Being (or trying to be) a good parent is another. Preparing my teenager for what life is going to throw her way, the good the bad and the ugly of life, pretty much tops the list at the moment. The parenting roll constantly changes, when your kid’s little it’s pretty straight forward, but gosh, it gets murky with a teenager. It seems every other parent in the world is far more cool, liberal and easy going than me (or so I’m told by my little darling!).
With small children, as parents, we look forward to our offspring achieving expected milestones, first- tooth, word, day of school etc. In the teenage years we hold our breath and hope the “firsts” are a long time coming, every parent knows what exactly what I’m talking about!
Well, we have just had a first!
A few weeks ago my youngster met the mosh pit! I have to say I was ‘freaking out’ at the thought of my child disappearing in to the pulsating crowd at a huge day/night rock concert. The little petal had to listen to me run thru every scenario and solution known to man. Parents, you all know the drill. Blah, blah, blah. In one ear out the other. Lucky for us (and my nerves) my husband and I we’re both going to the same concert-not for the entirety but for the headline acts (vip passes, no less.) My teenager was horrified to learn that we would be there too. That is ‘so not cool’. Tough! Teenagers have got to learn that their parents have a life. Well, her plan was to ditch us asap and hook up again for a ride home. As we headed out the door I’m looking over my darling. “You can’t wear thongs to a concert; put real shoes and socks on! Get some more clothes on, it’ll get cold later!” I managed to get her in some runners and our woolly socks but NO WAY to taking something warm to put on later. Argh! She didn’t want to have to carry anything; I suppose that was fair enough. I didn’t want to carry anything superfluous either. I took with me, a couple of pairs of arm/leg warmers we make and wool head warmer in my bag, just in case I got cold later. So off we went, we were duly ditched when she’d found some friends, and not to be seen ‘til the concert finished. We had a great time in the vip area, by the time I’d had my allowable 2 drinks for the evening (I was going to driving home) it was just getting dark and the night was still young, so I pulled an executive decision-leave the car, taxi home and have a couple more drinks (not to excess but perhaps more than allowed). My husband and I had a ball, caught up with friends, and enjoyed some great music. Most of the bands we had never heard of, it didn’t matter (I’ve heard of then now), by late in the evening we were rocking with 6000 others in the midst of the mosh pit. Of course it was hot and sweaty in the seething sea of bodies, but it was a freezing cold night, pretty typical of Tasmania in the autumn. Thank god for my arm/leg warmers, they were on and off all night. And Yay! I wasn’t the only one wearing our arm/leg warmers, time and time again I saw people wearing them. They’re pretty easy to spot. It’s a great feeling to see other people enjoying some thing you take pride in making. At the end of the night when we met up with the little petal, the look on her face was priceless; when she found out we’d had a wonderful time and were grabbing a taxi home. Mortified! She took the high ground. Why did I have to have a few extra drinks? What about the car? What if any of her friends saw us, you’re too old to be in the mosh pit! How embarrassing! She was stunned that we’d had a ball. I think she had expected us to be bored and outraged at some the crowd/and performers antics. NOT! I did explain how responsible I was being, making the decision to enjoy the night and not just waiting it out until she was ready to go. I think it’s great to shock your kids. Keep them guessing, I say. Be unpredictable!
On the way home chatting about the night, she was moaning because her feet (the shoes now filthy), were stood on a million times in the pit. She didn’t actually say thanks for making me wear shoes and socks, but I know she appreciated having them on. Sometimes mum does know best. That’s one “first” down, I’m happy to patiently wait for the next.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


We are jumping for joy, our new range of Possum Socks are finally finished! It seems to have taken forever to get these babies knitted. The wait was worth it. We have added a plain black sock in both ladies and men's sizes, and continued with oatmeal, blood red and blue. We had the yarn processed to our specifications, mixing possum fur with a 19 micron superwash(worsted) wool, making our Possum Wool socks machine washable,(unlike many of our competitors). Who wants to hand wash their socks? Not us! We've come up with a light weight, but incredibly warm sock. One that can be worn with the snuggest of dress shoes, which you can't fit your thick & warm woolly socks in to, not compromising your warmth and comfort. We love them!

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