Monday, December 17, 2012

A little good thing.

An amazing thing happened today. A good omen. It took a year. Small but definately good.
Our darlin' fashionista brought a gorgeous wool coat last year. Wore it through a frigid Lauceston winter, kept the poor uni student warm. Me, being a thoughtful Mama sent the thing off for a dryclean, and it came back minus it's belt. The dry cleaner said they didn't receive it, and I couldn't find it at home. So the coat went unworn for the next year. Ending up in the back of the closet floor, covered in crap. As the our little is going oversea's next month skiing, she mentioned the coat, and I decided I'd buy some wool fabric and make a replacement. Kicking myself, should have done it 12 months ago! I found & sent the now grotty coat back the dry cleaner, mentioning at the agency, our local shop, ( I didn't even speak to the drycleaner himself), I asked the shop lady to mention the missing belt, on the off chance they still had it or one like it. Typically, never got around to making the belt. I just had the local shop call to tell me the drycleaning is ready for pick up - that service is amazing in itself - AND THEY FOUND THE BELT!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

While the rest of Australia melts......

While the rest of Oz melts in 30plus temperatures, in Tassie we enjoy the fickle weather that we're famous for -  4 seasons in one day and no day the same as the last. Tourism Queensland came up with the slogan "Beautiful one day, perfect the next." Sound freaking boring to us Tasmanians, may as well be saying don't open the curtins to see what the day will be like, cos it's gonna be stinking hot again! Anyhow, this is the view from our sock making workshop, photo taken around knock off time, with rain threatening. Gorgeous, eh?

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