Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lap Dog

Putting my feet up last night, up on my lap jumped the little mongrel Ardie. Busily navel gazing, I noticed Ardies little feet, mine dressed in our pure wool Mongrel Socks and there were Kate Moss's nude toes too. Yep, right there in my lounge room. Actually Kate's always hangin' out there in the bean bag. My little darling works for a great recycling company Haul and she gave me a bean bag made out of an old jean's advertising billboard. It looks like Kate is curled up in it.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

YouTube wow!

I have just seen the latest and last Mongrel Sock Machine Video Wow! We are blessed to know a budding film maker, who has so kindly made 3 short films featuring our Mongrel Socks one way or another. We've been building our new website for (it seems like forever), and that's the royal "we" because I am personally so IT illiterate. I think we go live this week. Yee ha!
As a part of our online line business progression we were advised to have a youtube video put up as our customers would find that sort of thing interesting. Yeah, sure but the cost is phenomenal, way out of realms of our reality. Luckily, we know this talented, big hearted, young guy who has done us and himself proud.

I've written before about the community feeling that comes from our long time participation in Salamanca Market. Our daughter grew up going there, and so did our film maker Leuke. Leuke sharing his film making talents (and a lot of his own time) with us is what the nature of community is all about. Why did he help us out? It sure wasn't the money, it wasn't "close" friendship obligation, he helped us out because while he sincerely loves film, the process etc, He helped us out because he could. Leuke's brought and worn our socks for years, but I think now he's earned "socks for life" because what comes around goes around. Thanks Leuke!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fearless Mongrels!

I was sent this photo from a customer travelling through Pakistan, on the Karakoram Highway which stretches 700 kilometers from Islamabad, through the Karakoram mountains and into China. The photo was taken in the Gilgit region, although it's a bit hard to tell. It must take a large degree of fearlessness to head in to Northern Pakistan given today's unstable climate. High in the Karakorum Mountian range temperatures drop to well below zero, and I'm told our Pure Wool Mongrel Socks stood us proud.

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Sweating in the workshop

Yay, summer is here! We've been enjoying some beautiful weather, all the better for drying our Pure Wool Mongrel Socks. The warmer weather has not only lifted our spirits, it has brought it has got all the wildlife, who call our place home, out and on the move. Nothing is quite so nice as mosying down to the workshop and nodding a good morning to Mr Echidna who's also out for a stroll, and probably looking for a feed. The reptiles are on the move too. We haven't come across any Mr Snakey's but they're definately around too. My personal favorites, Mr and Mrs Blue Tongue Lizard, are certainly making the most of the warmer weather. Yep, it's mating season, and they're making hay while the sun shines. They have no shame, there's nothing private about their private lives. Here's today's love-lizards, getting it all going on just out side the workshop today. Even Ardie, our little mongrel shed dog, couldn't disturb these two.

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