Monday, November 26, 2012


After over 10 years of making Mongrel Socks, we must have turned out many thousands. Still, I can't quite explain the buzz I get when I see someone wearing something I made.
Happened at the supermarket yesterday. Next aisle from ours, minding thier own business. Loz and I both checked out this blokes feet, and had to stop ourselves from interupting the poor fella's shopping to say "Hey, we made those!" It got us to thinking just how far our humble Tasmanian Merino socks, arm/leg warmers etc have travelled.
We are always pumped by the stories our customers are so kind as to relay. Births, deaths and even marriages have had Mongrel Socks play a part! A longtime customer told us about seeing a play at the Sydney Opera House last week "Sex with Strangers" starring Jacqueline McKenzie, wearing our Mongrel Socks on stage! Nice! Would love a photo of that.
As we drove home from the supermarket we reeled off who we knew had worn or been given Mongrels or where they had been.
Here's a few of the people or places we came up with, in no particular order.....
Antarctica, K2, HRH Prince Charles, Jamie Dury, Kara Korum Hwy - Pakistan/China, On a glacier and a volcano in Iceland, Julian Clary, Numerous State and Federal Ministers, A Trucking Magnate, An AFL football team and 650 of their supporters, rafting down through the Yukon and the Franklin River, a full bridal party at Meadowbank, a number a babies born to Mums wearing Mongrels, Paris, Oprah Winfrey's best Gail King, Milan, the list could go on, but I've work to get back to, like making more socks.

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