Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Traveling Mongrel

Big year for us, full of stuff we should blog about, but haven't. So rather that try to catch up we'll just start with today.
Our customers are the best!!!!!
Lovely talking to our customer Dana. Socks, kids, Tassie - our favorite things.
Also received an email from a customer with an mongrel sock story, we are genuinely touched that they would bring us in to the loop. The email was from a bloke who was asked to pass on a small photo album of "mongrel socks traveling" to us, by a friend. 


A man visiting Tassie was given a pr our Pure Wool Mongrel Socks. By email bloke above.
Subsequently every visit later over the years he brought some more, for himself and as gifts.
On one gift pair of socks he wrote a lovely note. Asking that these "Travelling Socks" be photographed on the Eiffel Tower.
They were.  We'll post the photos here and on Facebook later, with permission. Just about to send the an email to the man who gave the "Traveling Mongrels" to make sure it's OK to post them. I'd also like to enter them in our Facebook photo comp. too.
I promise to blog more soon....

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