Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Blog, it's been 6 months......

Dear Blog,
It's been 6 months since we last posted. In the cyber world our last 6 months have been a blank, but here in the real world it's all happening. TG. I suppose it's better than being larger than life socially, online and actually not really having one. I won't even try to fill in the last 6 months in any detail but will give you some things that have meant much to us and you can fill in the gaps.
Many socks made and sold.
Fantastic Customers.
Friddy left. Happy for her but still missing her.
Loop Cowls and Neck warmers going off.
Wonderful Customers
Force Majeure - wool processor flooded,  1 tonne of gorgeous Merino lost.  Big delay in production for us but people lost their lives, so of course we "sucked it up".
Visited by Lindsay Fox (happy 75th birthday, by the way), Simon Crean MP, Bill Kelty ( my hero) David O'byrne MHA and assorted suits and chauffeurs on one fine Sunday arvo. Thanks for coming guys!
Salamanca Market turns 40.
Sri Lanka.
Big thanks to our much loved Kelsey who helped make a real holiday possible. When your kids step up and handle responsibility is a proud, proud day. Just like when a child first says "please" with out prompting only much better.
Big thanks to Kerrie too, for showing us we weren't irreplaceable, and looking after our
Lovely Customers.
Mullumbimby and Val's 80th.
Many socks made and sold.

and here's what my inbox has so kindly provided....

Just had to share, we are so lucky.
Will be back again very soon. In the meantime we'll just be socking.

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