Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Customers are gold.

Our customers are gold. Never failing to put a spring in our step, and shine on our days. Here's a few of the comments we've recently had the pleasure to get.......

Just bought some more socks (tuff mongrels) for work.was surprised at how cool woolen socks can be despite being in heavy work boots all day.i got a pair while on honeymoon in Tasmania and loved them, had to get more. Have 6 pairs once these one arrive. Surely thats not the end of it.love the colours too. I work night shifts so a bright colour makes me smile. if there's any new colours that come out i think i shall have to snap them up too.

Just wanted to leave a comment. Whoever did all the writing for your website did such an excellent job, I had to comment. The opening line that went something like, "You can stop looking because you've found it," really got my attention - and I've been shopping for socks and I have seen a lot of websites! Also, the descriptive paragraphs for the socks was so well written; it sold me on your merchandise and I also appreciated the friendly tone. Please pass my compliment on to the writer.

Just a big thank you for the quick delivery on socks and head warmers a couple of weeks ago.The socks feel and look great. Some have gone off to a European winter with my daughter and the rest to my sister and her family in Morocco , so I should get some good feedback about their warmth,
thanks again,

Thankyou for saving my life this winter. OMG ive just thrown out my 3rd pair of house socks and one pair o slippers!!!!!
You are a godsend and ive been buying your socks almost weekly since a month ago!! for me. for my family and pressies for interstate!!Thankyou , they are awsome.

I just want to say my feet salute you. At this time of the year winter my toes are covered in chilblains and take to heal but your socks have helped and now winter appears to be shorter.

I received two pairs of pure wool socks and I would just like to thank you and say that they are really good quality wise. Thanks for doing a great job.


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