Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas here and there

Tasmania has experienced its hottest November in many years, not very good conditions for the sales of wool socks. Luckily, there is a northern hemisphere that is cooling down as I write. We have had plenty order’s coming through from Canada and the US where winter is just beginning. Yay! One of our long time customer’s in the Yukon, told me about his 2 daylight hours of Christmas day, and below zero temperatures, where every thing happens indoors. Now I know why socks are hung by the chimney with care, it’s not for filling with gifts (they always seemed far too small for anything on my wish list) but putting in frozen toes to thaw before they break off.
Here we must have around 14 hrs of daylight, lots of time for the obligatory Aussie games of back yard cricket, the riding of new bikes, visiting the family, afternoon snoozes, BBQ’s teas, and evening strolls. It’s a completely different experience. Just once I’d like to see a white Christmas, and probably one will be plenty for me.
It’s nice to think that people halfway around the world will be pulling on their new Mongrel Socks on Christmas morning and discovering the luxury of pure wool right when they’ll appreciate it. Makes me smile!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all our friends and customers. It's that time of year again, and we'd like to thank all for their support and encouragement throughout '07. This year has been our first online, and an adventure it's been. We have had the challenge of combining 85 year old technology (of our Mongrel Socks machines) and that of the new e-age( well, new to us!). With a lot of help along the way, we made it. It's rather ironic that now( early December) we shift up a gear to get all our work done only so we can have a "relax" over Christmas with the family. We'll be taking time off this year, closed from the 14th Dec through to the 27th Dec, so unfortunately our Chrissie orders must all be in by the 12th Dec or not all. In past years we have found the postal overload in the festive season has delayed those order's sent in the 2 weeks before Christmas so they haven't been arriving until after the 25th. You can't hang your socks by the chimney with care, if the postman( like Santa) is snowed under. So rather than disappoint, with maybe's, get your orders in early, to be guaranteed of timely delivery. Cheers!

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