Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bamboo Tasmanis - The Sock

Our hot of the press new Bamboo Socks label
 Big thanks to friend of Mongrel Socks Georgie Fenton of
By George Design
Now we just need to get those babies knitted!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Socks over dinner.

Having dinner with friends the other day, Vic's vivid Space Dye Cotton socks shouted for attention. Not really, we were talking about the light lady Blunnies she loves.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Having a devil of a time.....Salvation Sunday

It was a big weekend for Mongrel Socks. We spent our usual Saturday at Salamanca Market in Hobart plying our humble socks, then spent a fantastic day at Meadowbank Estate helping out the wonderful Sharon Stegeman and the Meadowbank Crew put on a Tasmanian Devil family day "Salvation Sunday" fundraiser. The weather was kind, Razor a 4 month old Tassie Devil put in an appearance, along with a petting enclosure with rabbits, guinea pigs, a tiny pony, young goat and some chooks for the kids to get amongst. It was a beautiful day on the lawns, with croquet and bocce being, sipping lovely Meadowbank wines and enjoying some lovely Wursthaus Sausages, and raising a few thousand dollars for "Devils in Danger" an initiative to help combat the devastating effect the DFT is having on our wild Tasmanian Devil population. A good cause and a great day. We enjoyed a drop of the Meadowbank Salvation range of wines, they have produced for a few years to help the cause.
Just so happened Japanese Vogue was at the winery late in the day doing a fine food/wine story and we were able to give a couple of pairs of our pure wool Mongrel Socks, and some Knee High Space dye mercerised cotton socks to the reporters to keep their toes warm as they travel around our sometimes icy state.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bamboo Socks- phew!

Its seems to have taken forever but after much to-ing and fro-ing we have nailed it. Thanks to the help of Baily. A man very good at his job. We have finally settled on a prototype, and in to production they go. Our new Bamboo Socks should arrive by Xmas (fingers crossed xxx). I am so happy with them they are everything we wanted. A thicker terry lined boot sock, with no toe seam and a generous comfort top. A great alternative for the Aussie summer boot wearer. The feel is amazing, soft as silk, so easy to put on.

Bamboo fibre has some great intrinsic qualities. Apart from the eco-friendly nature of the fibre production i.e. it needs no chemicals to grow well, is water miser, and is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It is
Hypoallergenic - good for those of us with sensitive skin
Antibacterial - no more smelly feet
Seam Free - oh so comfortable
Durable - the fibre is incredibly strong
Silky feel - luxurious
Non-restrictive Comfort Top - good for diabetics
Super absorbent - sweat no more
Thermally efficient hollow fibre - warms in the cold, cools in the heat
Thick Full Cushion inner - for comfort

Our first range will be available in 3 colours (more to come) Black, bright Red and Natural.
 We have our lovely and talented friend Georgie Fenton from By George Design working on the labels as I write. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

One of the most exciting things is enviro/social certicfiation this product allows. It is certified to an internationally recognised standard Free of Harmful Chemicals - Oeko Tex and also BSCI accreditation means the work conditions of the staff producing this product is of an acceptable international social standard. SWEAT SHOP FREE!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010 and white this time

I did my fair share of stalking at Salamanca Market this week. I spotted this Mongrel Sock wearer out for a walk. We also had the filmong of an upcoming episode of the ABC show"The Collectors". Of course sock collecting is only big at the house of Mongrel Socks, it may catch on, we live in hope. They filmed mostly bric-a-brac stalls and one happened to be right by our Mongrel Sock shop.
I think it airs on 26th November, I must remember to watch.

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Being easy in green

Kicking back last night I noticed my odd Mongrel Socks coming together in a mismatched kind of way, with the help of my favorite nana rug. Who was it that said "blue and green should not be seen with out a colour in between" never saw my blanket.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Same socks, different day.

After finishing up in the Mongrel Sock workshop today, the last job is always the sweep through to clean up ready for next week. Even the sweeping's are a delight.....

The colours in this sock run are beautiful.
We are truely blessed to be surrounded by things of such beauty. The colours we are able to use in our pure wool Mongrel Socks and Mongrel Tasmanis head, arm and leg warmers are gorgeous. The wool's feel is naturally soft and luxurious. But just look at the beautiful spectical Mother Nature threw my my way this after noon.
A double rainbow no less, in colours like the socks we've been knitting today!   
Then, and I can't believe I actually caught this image. The New Holland Honey Eaters - that are just some of the amazing bird life we have living with us, came for a visit.

In flight!!! 

Viewed from the sweatshop. 

Who ever said making socks was a boring business, has absolutely no idea of our reality.

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