Friday, September 6, 2013

A long time between blogs

Our customers are gold.

Order #6408 was despatched and recorded as delivered, usual for our online orders.

Unusually the customer, 2 weeks after despatch, emailed us today.

He didn’t receive the parcel. Argh! We really hate that on many levels. 

We gave him a quick call to let him know we were on to it. Apologising for the inconvenience, checking address details, etc.

We lodged a inquiry with our courier. By phone and didn’t have to wait for the first available operator, amazing and nice. Finding out it had been delivered to the wrong address, and assured it would be sorted on Monday. Right street, wrong number. Great tracking and fantastic customer complaint service from our courier “Fastway”. Thanks guys. I called back the customer, some 20 mins after my initial call. Letting him know the situation, when it would be resolved – and where his parcel had actually been delivered.
10 minutes later, our customer rang back to let us know he had taken a wander down his road, and found the delivery address. Nice house, nice car in the drive and thought he’d go ask them if they had his parcel. Ballsey, we think. Anyhow, on the porch at their front door, was a lot of stuff, and there amongst the junk mail and household things was his parcel! He rang the doorbell, no one home, then took his parcel and left!

This fantastic customer sorted the mix up, and went out of his way to get (much too late for fathers day) his sock order and was good natured with it. Some people are just lovely and deserve a little karma kickback.

We’ll be sending a little love in his direction. A little instant karma aka Mongrel Tasmanis socks are heading his way. 

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