Friday, January 19, 2007

Creating Wool Socks

Not just Run of the Mill Production when you buy Mongrel Socks!

Tuff Mongrels – the name says it all! Our socks are special.

They are produced on our 1928 model Bentley Komet sock knitting machines. These machines are special. Not only do they outlast modern knitting machines (with an average life expectancy of ten years) but these machines, named Rocket and Mongrel, make great quality socks.

The machines were originally made in England, but have been in Australia long enough that they were commandeered to make army socks in world war two.

They have been making Tuff Mongrels, possum socks, leggins and headbands for the last ten years, and with TLC, the right touch and plenty of oil, they continue to make some of the best socks around.

The socks themselves are hand finished and have reinforced heels and toes, ensuring that you get the longest wear possible from them.

The socks are made out of wool blends – Tuff Mongrel wool 60% poly cotton 40%, Mongrels, pure wool blend, possum socks possum fur and merino blend.

Why wool blends? Because they work well with skin. Wool is incredibly strong and durable, the socks last for ever. It is also an excellent insulator, full of cushions of air that keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer, and also feels soft to walk on. Wool wicks and stores water away from your skin, up to 30% of its own weight in water, in fact, before it will begin to feel damp. That is a lot of sweat.
Wool, because it breathes, is less likely to smell of foot odour than synthetic fibres.

Wool is also a great fashion item. It has fabulous texture and it holds colour well. The socks come in a variety of great fashion colours, as well as some more conservative ones for work.

The wool we use is sourced from Australia, and is processed to high international standards. It is machine washable and shrink resistant, because who has time to hand wash their socks??

The possum socks feature a merino and possum fur blend. The use of possum fur is an environmental one. The fur is from possums culled from New Zealand. Possums are an introduced pest in New Zealand that are destroying natural habitat and leading to the extinction of local animals. Everything in its place and New Zealand isn’t the place for possums, so let’s support the New Zealand environment and do something good with culled possum fur. Keep our feet warm. New Zealand animals will thank you.

But wait, we know you want more – not only do we make socks, we also make arm bands, head bands and sell a great range of other fabulous socks.

We have a fantastic range of cotton health socks, including red robin diabetes socks, and doctor socks, and some great fashion socks such as knee highs and fish nets.

We have socks in all sizes and a huge variety of styles and colours, so you can always find what you need.

Toe Cheering - Testimonials

Wool Socks that have toes cheering in the aisles and heels clicking together

Here are some of their comments

I bought my first and only pair of Mongrel Socks at the Sal.Market in 2003. Magnificent! I still have them. Went back to Tassie in Feb. this year and couldn't wait to buy more. I enjoyed catching up with you both and seeing your friendly faces. About a week later I asked my sister, who was about to holiday in the Apple Isle to buy me another pair!

Brian, Glen Waverly, VIC.

I recently returned from a wonderful week in Tasmania and a day at the Salamanca market where I purchased many, many pairs of your terrific socks. I unfortunately could not carry enough to bring a pair for everybody on my list. It would be wonderful to be able to get more.
My question you ship to the USA, and if so what is the approximate cost?
Thank you. Judi Carpenter

Thanks Heaps Helen. My partner & I bought a pair each when we were holidaying in Tassie October 2005. We bloody love them

I'm a big advocate of your armwarmers up here in sunny Brisbane :) I'm just about to go travelling the world for a year, and they're coming with me for sure.
Nell Currie

Ohmigosh! I have never had warm feet till now. I work in a shop (which equates to a shed!) with no heating, selling floorcoverings in the Latrobe Valley. Our shop is sooooo deep, it never warms up which means it is sooooo cold. I feel like i've been missing out. I have bought wool socks before and just can't work out why yours make such a huge difference. How do you do it? I'm so impressed. If you ever need someone to tell anyone who wants to know what Mongrels are like, CALL ME!! I'd be more than happy to speak for them. Thanks guys. Regards
Deanna Paulet.

I received a pair for Xmas 2005. Wore them today for the first time. Just wonderful. Well done. So warm and soft. Best wishes for a prosperous and happy company.

Helen, Laurie,
Got the socks yesterday. They're terrific and so are you. Thanks again. Let us know if you get a website going. We will not be shy about letting other know our secret of good socks. Thanks again,

Thank you – I look forward to getting them Many thanks once again for all the time and care you took with us to get it right.

Hi I have been given a pair of your socks and they are wonderful. As I live in country Victoria, but access Melbourne regularly, I would like to give some pairs as Christmas presents. Where can i buy them? regards
wendy parker