Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ecological Possum Socks

Did you know that buying a pair of possum wool socks not only makes you a happy owner of the finest naturally made wool socks, but also makes you an active contributor to preserving New Zealand’s forests? But what has buying a pair of possum wool socks got to do with preserving the forests of New Zealand? Read on to know everything about it.

The brush tail possum is destroying New Zealand’s forests - its native plants, trees and bird life.

Introduced from Australia to New Zealand about 150 years ago, Possums have multiplied alarmingly in New Zealand, partly because of the lack of any natural predator that would arrest their population growth. These nocturnal animals devour the new leaf growth of trees; destroying whole trees and depriving birds of their natural habitat. They also feed on berries, insects and bird's eggs. Unlike the trees in Australia, the native trees of New Zealand do not have protective spines, prickles and poisonous leaves which work as natural defenses against possums.

According to statistical estimates, the total possum population in New Zealand is a whopping 70 million. This means possums are eating their way through roughly 20,000 tons of vegetation, no, not in a year’s time…but all in one night! If this doesn’t give you an idea of how the possums are devastating New Zealand, try to imagine 20 possums attacking the plants and trees of your garden – devouring a quantity that would fill up 2 plastic shopping bags per night. Every year, the possums devour approximately 8 million tons of vegetation – a major threat to the forests and wildlife of New Zealand.

With millions of dollars being spent on trying to eradicate possums, commercial initiatives utilising possum fur are an economic and ecological necessity. The commercial use of possum fur in possum wool socks and other possum products contributes greatly to the preservation of New Zealand’s forests and wildlife.

Possum wool socks and other products thereby serve as an eco friendly way of controlling the possum population. And as luck would have it, not only is possum fur an ecological option for socks, it is luxurious, good for insulating and wicks moisture away from your feet. In fact, our possum fur and merino wool blend makes the perfect sock. They are also machine washable.

So the next time you buy a pair of possum socks you know you are supporting the fight against possums and are helping to preserve the ecological system of New Zealand.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Socks not lost-found!

Yay! A rare day off for me. I thought I'd go and visit my sister at her new digs. I could remember the street name not the house number. How hard could it be to find? Surely I'd see her car in the driveway. Nup! Up and down the dashed road I went, just about to give up when like a shinning beacon there they were. Socks! Our socks! Yes, I'd found the house simply because they were strung up along the balcony railing, who else has nearly every colour of Mongrel Socks( apart from me), my brother in law and sister. We're always hearing about lost socks but hey, now we have people locating socks.

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