Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just doing it!

Doing the best we can for our environment is something as a business, and privately, we take pretty seriously. We are always looking at different work methods as a way to reduce waste, reduce our energy consumption, buy ethical consumables and just do the right thing.
Along with our tree planting program, just got another 20 endemic species in the ground, bringing our total to around 300 native trees, and reducing our waste output. We've just brought a new car-not quite the smallest in the world-but very small. Looks as though our fuel consumption has dropped by half probably closer to two thirds of what we used to use. Yay! Not only is that cost effective, our carbon footprint is further reduced, it's good. Plain and simple. I'm also having lots of fun driving it- the zippy little red thing it is.
We have also just sourced some great fair trade products out of Nepal. Beautiful hand knitted wool socks and some funky multicoloured felted wool hairbands that give the wearer the dread lock look. They are lots of fun. The supplier is a regular visitor to the factory, and established a great relationship with the management and local staff. He has ensured the staff are all paid properly and regularly and that there are good working conditions/hours etc for the staff, none of which are children. It's a locally owned, which keeps the profits local too.
It feels so good to do the right thing. Here at Mongrel socks we will continue to plant, recycle, re-use, and reduce waste and look very hard to ensure our spending is ethical.

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