Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow in February-Tassie full of surprises!

Unbelievable and unpredictable!
Here we are in February, ( usually the best days of summer here in Tassie) enjoying long, warm days and cool nights. On Wednesday we had a scorching 34.5 degrees Celsius and only a few days later we've got snow. It must be global warming stuffing up the weather patterns. This summer our Tasmanian weather has been superb. Tassie always cops a bad rap about our weather-the general consensus( from people that don't live here) is that we are a cold place with frigid winters and no summers. Tasmanians are mostly happy to let people think the worst of our climate, if it means we get less tourists, that's OK. They won't know what they're missing, and locals can continue to enjoy our island just the way we like like it. Tassie has quite a low population and temperate climate, makes for easy living, hardly any "peak hour traffic", we've never had to learn how to que, every day Tasmanians wake up and have to look out the window to see what the day will bring, because every day is different. This year Australia's Northern states have had flooding rain and wild weather for weeks, we haven't. They are still on water restrictions, 4 minute showers, we're not and haven't been. A what is the difference between the sunny Gold Coast beaches on a good day and Tasmania's beaches? In Tassie, the water and beaches are clean and you don't have to share it with a zillion people. It really is a pleasure.
Living and working in Tasmania, as we do, and having lived and worked in some of Australia's bigger cities, gives us the appreciation for what we do have here. Lucky us. Making our pure wool, tuff and possum Mongrel Socks, in our home work shop, we experience the most amazing "office" views, fresh air-no smog, and family friendly work hours and best of all our Mongrel Socks are a unique product, by name, nature and origin.
It's good to be different.

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